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Guardian Homes

We offer some of our breeding dogs to be placed in guardian homes. A dog that is placed in a guardian home is our breeders pick from a litter. We will pay for all the the dog's health testing and other costs related to breeding. We require that a female dog has 4 litters of puppies with us and a male to breed until 8 years of age. After that we will cover the cost of spaying or neutering him or her for you. A female would come to our house for breeding and again 7 days before her due date. She would remain at our house for 8 weeks after the puppies are born. A male would only need to be made available when a female was in heat. 

Benefits of guardian homes:


- You will receive breeders pick from a litter puppy. For a puppy there will be $1200 deposit, price may vary if it is an adult dog.
- Instead of us disrupting this dogs family life once they are done breeding they get to remain in the family they have always known.
- We offer $200.00 for each litter to the guardian home for a female and $100.00 for each litter to the guardian home for a male.

- As well, we will pay back the initial fee you paid evenly split over 4 litters for females and 6 litters for males.

- We will pay for the spay/neuter once the dog is done breeding or if we decide we no longer require the dog in our breeding program.

- We board Guardian Home dogs for free!

- Get to come and visit the puppies at a young age (Female owners)

To qualify:


- You must to live within 1.5 hours of Richards Landing, Ontario for a male and 2 hours for a female
- You must be willing to maintain a regular veterinarian schedule

- Be willing to notify us of any and all vet visits.
- You need to keep the dog out of contact with intact dogs of the opposite sex
- You need to have a safe yard for the dog to play in

- You need to feed the dog TLC dog food or a dog food we approve of, and give our dogs NuVet Plus vitamins.
- The female dog must be available during her heat cycle, and a male dog must be available when a female comes into heat.

- Must own their home or have a written agreement with landlord about the dog.
- Should something happen to the dog due to neglect (Including but not limited to being hit by a car) before ownership is transferred, you will be required to cover the replacement cost of the dog in the amount of $6000-$10000 depending on the Guardian Dog. 

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